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What are cookies?

“Cookie” means a file created on the user’s computer at the time the user accesses the site for the purpose of storing and transporting information. Cookies are sent from the server on which the website is running to the user’s browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.) and stored on the user’s computer; they are then read by the website to access that information.

In the course of browsing, the user may also receive cookies from different sites (so-called “third-party” cookies) on his/her terminal, set directly by the operators of said websites and used for the purposes and in the manner defined by them.

Types of cookies on this site

Owner’s Cookies
This website uses only technical cookies that do not profile the user in any way, with respect to which, pursuant to Art. 122 of the Privacy Code and the Garante Order of May 8, 2014, no consent is required from the data subject.

Specifically, the site uses:
Technical cookies necessary for site navigation.

Without such cookies, the website would not function properly.

Third-party cookies
This website installs some third-party cookies that collect statistical data anonymously. According to current regulations, it is not mandatory to receive consent for the use of such cookies if the data is collected anonymously. Therefore, these cookies are active by default, but you can disable them.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google Inc. Google uses the Personal Data collected for the purpose of tracking and examining the use of this site, compiling reports, and sharing them with other services developed by Google.
Data generated by Google Analytics is stored by Google in the United States.

Method of treatment

Processing is carried out using automated tools. No dissemination or communication is made.

Provision of data

With the exception of technical cookies strictly necessary for normal navigation, the provision of data is left to the will of the interested party who decides to browse the site after having read the brief information contained in the banner above and to take advantage of the services that involve the installation of cookies.

Disabling cookies

Notwithstanding the above regarding cookies strictly necessary for browsing, you may delete third-party cookies through the functionality made available on this page or directly through your browser.
Each browser has different procedures for managing settings.

Rights of the data subject

Users may assert their rights at any time by contacting the data controller by sending an email to