P r o s e c c o D O C T r e v i s o

P r o s e c c o D o c T r e v i s o E x t r a D r y

Very fine embroideries distinguish its perlage. Characteristic sparkling wine with bursting aromatic notes typical of the grape variety. Harmonious on the palate, it stands out for its pleasant amiability, the consistency of fruity sensations, and the elegance of its move in tasting. Aperitif par excellence also accompanies light, dry dishes; excellent at the end of meals with biscuits and pastries.

P r o s e c c o D o c T r e v i s o S p u m a n t e B r u t

Sparkling wine with special characteristics of gentleness and excellent brllantezza. Subtle aromatic sensation reminiscent of Golden apple in particular.

P r o s e c c o D o c R o s é M i l l e s i m a t o E x t r a D r y

The nature and the particular and unique vocation of the Colli di Valdobbiadene have rewarded the gentility and friendliness of this sparkling wine. It harmoniously and elegantly accompanies the entire meal. It goes well with white meats as well as with medium-aged cheeses and regional sausages.

P r o s e c c o D O C T r e v i s o F r i z z a n t e

A wine of moderate alcohol content, it expresses the most exciting conditions of liveliness, freshness, lightness and pleasantness typical of Prosecco wine.

P r o s e c c o D O C T r e v i s o T r a n q u i l l o

Prosecco wine that fully manifests the typical characteristics of the grape variety. With great balance and elegance that goes well with a wide variety of drinking occasions.